Egmont Group

The Egmont Group is an international forum for financial intelligence units (FIUs), i.e. bodies that receive and analyse disclosures from the financial and other vulnerable sectors on suspicious transactions in the framework of fighting money laundering and terrorist financing. It was established in 1995 on the joint initiative of CTIF-CFI (Belgium) and FinCEN (U.S.).

The main objectives of the Egmont Group are:

- enhance international cooperation through information exchange,

- increase the efficiency of FIUs with programmes for staff exchange and training,

- enhance the operational independence of FIUs,

- encourage the creation of FIUs that comply with the same international standards and have the same operational approach for money laundering and terrorist financing files.

The Egmont Group also developed a secure communication system to exchange information between FIUs, called the “Egmont Secure Web”, complementing the European FIU.NET system.

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