Asian massage parlours

The number of massage parlours is on the rise in Belgium. The city of Antwerp, for example, noticed an increase by 43 % of the number of new massage salons. There is a shift from Chinese restaurants, which are subject to increasing inspections, to Asian massage parlours. The files reported to the judicial authorities indicated the following elements with regard to the individuals involved: the use of bogus self-employed people and/or front men, dormant companies that suddenly become active, multiple companies are set up simultaneously, multiple companies in name of the same owner, and managers often change and operate the same massage parlours, the registered office is also frequently moved. With respect to the transactions, these files often feature many cash deposits, as well as exchange transaction where small-denomination banknotes are changed into large-denomination banknotes, or transfers to Asia or to individuals of Asian origin. Other offences are also identified in connection with massage parlours, such as forged accounting, arrears in social security, successive bankruptcies, tax evasion, etc.

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