Communication from CTIF-CFI to the attention of obliged entities under the control of other supervisory authorities (including insurance intermediaries)


New goAML release date

As announced in our previous communication, CTIF-CFI’s intention was to release goAML on 01/06/2024. We are convinced that this new platform offers much more ease of use and clarity for the obliged entities. In addition, the communication tool within goAML will ensure that all communications between obliged entities and CTIF-CFI will take place in a secure manner.

The switch to goAML will be very smooth for the majority of obliged entities as they will use goAML by manually entering their disclosures, and the necessary guidance and assistance will also be provided for this purpose. goAML is a new programme and it is essential that users are properly trained.

CTIF-CFI was officially informed that several obliged entities were unable to meet the release date of 01/06/2024 due to IT upgrades to be carried out. A postponement of the release date was therefore requested in order to allow everyone time to prepare for the transition to goAML.

It is important that the history of goAML is written together by CTIF-CFI and the obliged entities and that this new way of working is supported by everyone, in particular by all the obliged entities for whom goAML must become the single platform for communication with CTIF-CFI. We have therefore decided within CTIF-CFI to postpone the goAML release date to 30/09/2024.

Concretely, from 30/09/2024, before making a­ suspicion disclosure to CTIF-CFI, you must first register your entity on the goAML platform and determine the contact persons, according to the registration procedure which will be explained to you shortly.

Indeed, goAML will be from 30/09/2024 the only operational communication tool between CTIF-CFI and the obliged entities.

In a second phase, you will be invited to register your entity and contact persons, even in the absence of a suspicion disclosure to CTIFCFI.

A communication will soon be made about the registration procedure for your institution and the provision to you of online instructions, training and guidance concerning the use of the goAML application.

Do not hesitate to regularly consult the goAML page of our website (


Brussels – 19/04/2024

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