Dear declarants (Law of 18 September 2017),

Over the last few months, the CTIF-CFI has continued to work relentlessly on the user-friendly goAML web portal and the creation of various report forms for different types of reporting entities. We are pleased to announce that the implementation phase of goAML will now begin.    

For the reporting entities with a high volume of reports that want to further automate their reporting process (via uploading pre-filled xml or via web service (B2B)), several workshops were organized

and a Standard Reporting Specifications (xsd) document was created. This guide contains a detailed description of each element in the XML and gives more details on the data used in the schema of our report templates which will help the IT teams of the reporting entities in their developments.

The last couple of weeks we received several requests to postpone the implementation of goAML, to give the IT teams more time to adapt their internal systems/processes.

We have taken these requests into account and we therefore anticipate to go life on 01/06/2024, giving everyone enough time to prepare this transition to the goAML era.

More communication, training sessions and workshops with different reporting entities will be provided in the coming months, and several additional guidance documentation will be published on our FAQ website.

Happy New Year from CTIF-CFI!  

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